Smart_MetrixAnalytics for actionable insights into quality, cost, and population health

Smart Metrix reveals opportunities to drive down costs and dig deeper into the data.

Discover root causes, like improper utilization or deviations from best practices, and easily identify outliers and trends with benchmarking and intuitive data visualization. Extend information to providers and drive action through provider portal dashboards and personalized member alerts.

Track and deliver KPIs directly to your inbox and your executive distribution to escalate savings opportunities and keeping analytics top of mind.

Aggregate and provider/member level detail

  • HEDIS gaps in care
  • High cost, high risk members
  • Avoidable ER utilization
  • Admissions/Readmissions
  • Condition-based utilization
  • Payment model variations
  • Outlier procedures
  • Capitation leakage
  • Pharmacy utilization

Learn how Smart Metrix’s comprehensive analytics and visualizations are put into action