Technology that actually simplifies your business

HealthTrio’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions enable you to leverage our platform and resources to extend your IT staff and improve your technological performance.

Costs, reduced

No more need for costly hardware and IT personnel, we welcome the responsibility of ensuring your system is available and meeting the changing demands of your business.

Our ability to provide your IT platform offers drastic reduction in both upfront and ongoing costs of operation.


Data, secured

Our state of the art security countermeasures ensure that your business is safe by remaining one step ahead and positioned to respond quickly to threats.

HealthTrio data centers are operated with the highest availability and security standards


Future, planned

HealthTrio’s secure private cloud has been supporting growing health plans for years. Our multi-faceted sensors allow us to prepare for increased system demand well before you and your constituents notice.

Our Service-Oriented-Architecture supports the latest industry standards and has been proven to support quick and seamless integration with the 3rd party vendors of your choosing.

Our technology stack is loosely-coupled, meaning that the inevitable threat of changing technologies are less of a risk, and easier for us to respond to.


A Trusted Partner in Healthcare Technology.

Leverage our experience and scale, when you need us we’ll be there, operating securely and responsively to your specifications.

Learn how you can leverage our technological resources, experience and scale