Connectivity to the services you depend on

With over 17 years of experience successfully navigating the complexities of healthcare data exchange, HealthTrio solutions are well equipped to handle your interoperability needs.

Data Exchange

Timely and secure access to data is the cornerstone of your business, our system is equipped to interface with your current and future trading partners.

A variety of data transfer protocols are supported so you can rest easy that our solutions will meet your interoperability needs as quickly and painlessly as possible.

EDI, X12, HL7, DICOM, XML and CORE/COREII formats are supported.



Your current and future 3rd-party software solutions are supported within Smart Series. Inbound and outbound Single-Sign-On (SSO) interfaces are supported through OAuth and SAML out of the box. Custom integrations are supported as well, assuming the strategy passes our security review.

SOAP, JSON, REST, SFTP protocols are supported.


Your Interoperability Operator

Coordination of system integrations can be a daunting but necessary task and often comes are inopportune times.

Sound familiar?  Not only are HealthTrio systems designed to support your interoperability needs, but our implementations team will guide you through the process every step of the way.

Learn how HealthTrio minimizes the impact of today’s interoperability limitations