Transform data into knowledge... and deliver results.
HealthTrio delivers e-health applications for organizations that manage care. We offer the broadest set of capabilities on the market by supplying Internet administrative and health management solutions that allow healthcare organizations to reduce administrative costs while enabling members to take action to improve their health.
Exchange. Know. Act.
The depth of functionality that HealthTrio products provide goes beyond the basic expectation of exchanging and presenting information. Our technology provides sufficient information up front. For example, our rich level of functionality allows providers to find complete answers to questions without having to slow productivity with follow-up queries and phone calls. This unique ability to act upon member information within the context of the same session is highly valued and the embodiment of any HealthTrio solution.
Our customers are highly rated in their fields and value the innovation of HealthTrio solutions. We invite you to learn how HealthTrio solutions can bring greater productivity to your organization. To request a demo, please contact us at or 1–877–571–1988.
HealthTrio connect™
Provides secure, online information for self-service and inquiries including: eligibility, claim status and submission, referrals... >>
HealthTrio personal health record
Provides a comprehensive summary of the health and medical history, decision-support tools, alerts, reminders and secure communications...>>
HealthTrio Total EHR™
Delivers a longitudinal record of patient health information including: patient demographics, progress notes, problem lists, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, lab and various other diagnostic test results...>>
HealthTrio MyMedicalHome™
Creates the foundation to support the personal physician and their team of healthcare professionals, supports transitions of care and empowers patients with tools...>>
HealthTrio wellness and prevention programs
Promotes change in personal behavior through customized tools, educational content, reminders, trackers and care plans that help members better manage their own health and wellness...>>
HealthTrio Medicare Advantage Star Ratings
Solution was designed to improve your Star Ratings with prospective data, tools, and solutions needed to change enrollee behavior through knowledge and tools....>>