Care Collaboration

Connect the entire care team.

Shared health details keep everyone on the same page

When a member, their providers and the health plan can interact and collaborate with access to a shared health record, the benefits are substantial. Real-time data drives alerts to members and providers alike, improving compliance with care plans and contributing to better outcomes.

Smart Record provides a shared, interactive health record that goes beyond the provider’s EMR to contain all visits, medications and conditions captured by every provider involved in the members care.

Share care plans across the care team

With the Shared Care Plans feature, providers can collaborate on the member’s care plans developed by the care management team inside the health plan.  A shared view of each care plan and the associated issues, goals and interventions supports plan adherence and care team communication.


Track medications in one place

Whether prescribed by a PCP or specialist, purchased over the counter or administered as part of an ER visit, all medications are viewed together. Boost value by enabling a real-time check for drug-to-drug interactions and possible duplicate therapies.


Drive engagement from HRA results

Leverage health assessment results to drive personalized content and communications based on the member’s responses. Use our partnered NCQA-certified health assessments for out-of-the-box compliance.

EMR and claims data in one portable record

The Shared Health Record is unique – it combines data from both administrative and clinical data sources into a single source of truth for the entire care team. It serves as a platform to deliver a comprehensive profile of the patient, focusing on the key metrics and actions that are needed to drive initiatives around quality, utilization and outcomes. With full integration into platform communication channels such as secure messaging, live chat and document sharing, it keeps the care team working together.

Can it integrate with EMRs? Yes. Does it use HL7? Yes. Can it drive real-time alerts? Yes.