Join the HealthTrio Team

We are looking for healthcare and technology professionals to join us in simplifying the most complex industry in the world.

20 year history, startup mentality

Here at HealthTrio we have a longstanding reputation as an innovator in healthcare, that's what got us to where we are today. What keeps us here is an energetic startup culture which fosters innovative thought and challenging the status quo.

Ambition Wanted

We are looking for ambitious and talented people to teach us a thing or two and we promise to return the favor. Entrepreneurial minds thrive here by leveraging critical thinking to disrupt an industry which is in need. We embrace those who find creative solutions to complex problems and we are always on the lookout for rockstars, don't get wrapped up in titles, contact us.

Life in Tucson

Tucson is the secret of the southwest. Our midsized city of almost a million people offers big-city amenities with a small town feel. Tucson averages a sunny 70.9 degrees and has plenty of activities to suit the weather.

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