Self-Serve Tools

Your business happens online.

Give users more of what they’re looking for

Your business is increasingly happening online, and our goal is to make those critical day-to-day transactions as user-friendly and accessible as possible. The bulk of your daily customer interactions are the ones found within our Smart Connect Self-Serve tools.

Whether it’s pulling an ID card or tracking the status of an authorization, our self-serve tools provide your end users the opportunity to manage without making calls into your service center – saving them time and saving you resources.

“I love that I’ve never had to log in through my computer. Everything I want to do with my health plan I can do on my phone.“


Access from any device

If you’re looking for a mobile app for members or a tablet-friendly experience for providers, you’ll find it here. Provide the same capabilities and the same advanced security on any type of device. Leverage features like mobile push notifications for increased awareness and engagement.

Streamline authorizations for you and your providers

With real-time response and an advanced rules engine (including medical policies), our online Referrals and Authorizations submission capability is changing how plans approach this complex topic. Improve up-front information gathering from providers and reduce manual workflows for the plan.

Help providers and member keep their info accurate

Make it easy for providers and members to update their information. From simple changes like a new member address to more complex provider data management, Smart Connect offers tools to capture the requested change and route data to the source-of-truth systems for processing.

Offer your members a robust online experience

Healthcare is complicated enough without spending time wading through documents, forms and multiple websites.

The Smart Connect product gives your member the tools they need in one central, user-friendly location.

  • Plan enrollment, changes and renewals
  • View and print ID cards
  • View coverage and accumulators
  • View claims and authorizations
  • Manage providers
  • Change contact information
  • Manage communication preferences
  • Enroll in plan programs

Make working with you easy for providers

Providers have a lot on their plate.

In addition to delivering quality care to their patients, they switch between multiple systems and conduct time-consuming administrative work across a multitude of payers. Smart Connect takes the guess work out of working with the plan, simplifying the daily transactions critical to the provider’s workflow.

  • Provider user role management
  • Eligibility look-up
  • Benefit detail and accumulators
  • Claim status and submission
  • Remittance advice
  • Authorization status and submission
  • Patient rosters
  • Manage provider directory data
  • Medication Formulary
  • Plan policies and forms