Empower your customers and agents

Sell the right plan

Our enrollment solution increases carrier revenues with direct consumer and broker enrollments while lowering costs and improving the health plan customer experience with member self service tools.

Most consumers are overwhelmed with picking an health insurance plan and have unique shopping needs. HealthTrio Enrollment allows health plan consumers to make choices their way, discovering the best product with exceptional plan comparison tools and multiple methodologies of decision support. We encourage ancillary products with full cross-sell and shopping cart functionality. Eligibility determination tools enable health insurance shopping for both public exchange and private plans.

Take the pain out of application forms

We’ve made health insurance enrollment as simple and frustration-free as possible by listening to our health plan clients and their customers. We present your unique, DOI-approved enrollment questions in our user-friendly tabbed interface. Sophisticated field, section & document validation combined with auto-enforcement of your business rules insures that you receive a complete application every time. Our Phase 3 implementation of Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) allows any individual user to enroll in exchange coverage on the carrier site without an redirect. Medicare beneficiaries can enroll in Advantage, drug and supplemental coverage completely on-site with CMS MARx integration.

Increase broker enrollment

HealthTrio Enrollment isn’t just for consumers – it offers the health insurance market’s best broker experience. Your broker sales are supported with online quoting, customer status tracking, member management, renewals, broker profile updates and assistant management – all while being fully integrated with the consumer shopping experience.

An enrollment solution for all lines of business

Help users find and enroll in the right coverage – no matter if it’s on or off-exchange

From individual and group plans to state marketplaces, HealthTrio Enrollment lowers costs and improves the customer experience.

  • Direct Enrollment (DE) integration with FFM
  • Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE)
  • Individual and Group plan support
  • Beneficiary and broker enrollments for all Medicare products types
  • State-based exchange and ACA plan enrollment support