Accuracy made simple

Simplify the commission process

HealthTrio’s Commissions reduces healthcare payer costs for administering broker commissions while incentivizing broker sales.

Our solution gives health insurance carriers the tools they need to confidently generate accurate and readily available commission statements. Transactions are seamlessly supplied by HealthTrio Billing or easily loaded via a txt/csv file from a third-party system. After commissions are calculated and finalized, everything you need is generated from agency commission statements to accounts payable files.

Be transparent with your brokers

Online access to their commission statements and compliance data not only lets your brokers see how much they’re getting paid, it also shows them the reason for the amount. Reduce the time used in broker service calls, stop mailing out commission statements, and increase broker satisfaction.

Only pay for compliant transactions

Is the broker on a transaction licensed with the carrier, credentialed to sell, and properly covered? HealthTrio Commissions maintains the details of a health plan’s appointed brokers and validates configured compliance requirements by date. The commission rate calculator uses broker and agency-level rate settings to generate the right commissions for each specific transaction. The system processes forward-balances and backward-balances for transactions that have not been paid-off. While everything runs with the click of a button, your experts can review, adjust, and apply garnishments before finalizing.