Employer Portal

Offer more to key employer accounts

Streamline employer communications and enrollment

Employers have a lot of options for their health plan needs. Our employer-facing portal allows your employer users to easily manage the big jobs (open enrollment) and the small everyday tasks (printing a replacement ID card or checking coverage details).

Offer open enrollment online

From initial enrollment to mid-year changes and annual renewals, each step of the enrollment process can be managed through the platform.  Make it easy for employers to track and approve enrollment changes before the make it to the health plan.


All documents in one location

With My Documents, employer users can keep track of everything from coverage documents and tax forms to wellness materials and reports. Whether you’re delivering individualized documents or sending out broader plan and product information, users can easily find what they need.

Get ready to chat

Let your employers skip the hold music and get the help they need without picking up the phone. Our Live Chat feature offers a secure method for instant problem resolution, including a dashboard for the chat operator that puts the most commonly sought customer info right to their fingertips.

Assist employees with their healthcare needs

As a critical participant in employer-based coverage, your employer’s Human Resources team needs access to answer questions and support their covered employees. The employer portal offers access to self-serve tools to assist employees with everyday needs such as coverage details, ID cards, formulary information, provider search tools and more.

“Smarter, easier healthcare leads to healthier populations.“