About Us

We’re HealthTrio, a leading Software-as-a-Service provider for the healthcare market. We’re dedicated to building secure web-based solutions that improve experiences in value-based care, data integration, care coordination, and member and provider engagement. As the first to market a portal solution over twenty years ago, HealthTrio has been a longstanding leader in building elegant, advanced solutions, all purposefully designed to help simplify the intricate healthcare landscape.

Our History

In 1999, we first launched a self-service portal solution, fulfilling a new market need to have members and providers connect online to support care collaboration. As the first to market, we continued to evolve and expand our product offerings and client base. We quickly introduced a shared health record for better care collaboration, electronic data interchange for connecting data in real-time, and a host of consumer-facing tools.

Throughout our twenty-three-year tenure serving health plans in a continuously transforming industry, we have many accomplishments that best represent the history and future direction of the organization. In 2004, our largest client processed the ten millionth transaction, five years after the company launch. In 2008, we won the CMS PHR Pilot project, which was granted two extensions due to its successful results.

We have since introduced a population health management solution that includes interactive provider scorecards, a consumer cost transparency tool, an advanced authorization request and determination tool integrating medical decision criteria such as InterQual Connect and MCG. We launched countless tools such as live chat, provider data accuracy, appeals and grievances and two-factor authentication to help both accessibility and security. At the same time, our integration capabilities have been furthered through CAQH CORE certification, the addition of newer EDI and HL7 transactions and the release of hundreds of APIs for real-time integration with a variety of systems.

In February of 2021, we were acquired by PSG and 2nd Wave, allowing us to continue to grow our product offerings, and accelerate opportunities for our clients to better impact health outcomes, improve the patient experience, and decrease costs. At the end of 2021, we acquired Online Insight. Their solutions further enhanced our product offering, bringing into the mix a modern, e-retail experience that serves the entire life cycle of health plan sales – from guided shopping and enrollment through member maintenance and billing.

Fast forward a few years later and our story gets even more exciting. We were acquired by mPulse in December of 2023 and merged with mPulse and Decision Point to further strengthen our position as leaders in the healthcare digital Engagement space. As a combined organization, we have unmatched breadth of advanced analytics and digital engagement capabilities that will enable healthcare organizations to provide more impactful consumer journeys that improve the consumer experience and health outcomes.

To learn more about mPulse and their offerings, please visit www.mpulse.com.


“We are dedicated to creating secure, custom solutions and advanced, user experiences to meet each client’s unique needs.“

Drawing together systems and stakeholders across the care continuum, HealthTrio partners with Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial and provider-sponsored customers to deliver robust, modular solutions that increase transparency, communication and collaboration. Our innovative technology solutions decrease operating costs while increasing access, inspiring better healthcare consumers, and driving provider performance and quality care outcomes.

Our mission is to provide innovative, high-performance solutions that continually meet evolving business and regulatory requirements.

Self-Serve Tools

Self-serve tools allow members, providers, employers and brokers to manage their everyday activities

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Care Collaboration

A shared, interactive health record driving transparency and collaboration across the member’s entire care team

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Population Health

Action-oriented scorecards driving improvements in care quality, cost and value-based payment transformation

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Consumer shopping tools to find and compare providers and treatments based on cost, quality and key factors

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A powerful integration engine and team of experts delivering real-time data integration from administrative and clinical sources

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