Broker Portal

Enable broker-assisted sales and support

Brokers are a key partner for your plan

Our broker portal provides an all-access pass to the tools available, allowing a better understanding on how to best sell the health plan solutions and features such as provider directory, health and wellness information, formularies and more.

Whether they’re checking in on the status of a renewal, getting the latest details on your product offering or submitting a request for more marketing materials, we’ve got them covered.

Enable broker-assisted enrollment

Our automated workflows connect the health plan, the member and brokers to ensure a seamless enrollment process, flagging any issues or discrepancies before the 834 transaction makes its way to the plan. Look brokers into initial enrollment as well as mid-year changes, renewals and terminations.


All documents in one location

With My Documents, broker users can keep track of everything from coverage documents and tax forms to wellness materials and reports. Whether you’re delivering individualized documents or sending out broader plan and product information, users can easily find what they need.

Get ready to chat

Let your brokers skip the hold music and get the help they need without picking up the phone. Our Live Chat feature offers a secure method for instant problem resolution, including a dashboard for the chat operator that puts the most commonly sought customer info right to their fingertips.

Provide brokers access to your online toolset

Nothing helps brokers better sell your offerings than extending access to some of the most critical toolsets supporting your online experience. Provide easy access to critical plan tools such as:

  • Plan coverage details
  • Provider Search
  • Online formulary
  • Cost transparency tool
  • Online forms