HealthTrio is combining with mPulse and Decision Point Healthcare Solutions

Together, we provide industry-leading analytics and digital engagement solutions focused on optimizing the consumer experience and improving health outcomes at scale.

The individual differences and expectations of modern healthcare consumers should not be seen as a challenge, but instead an opportunity to tailor and deliver value by creating consumer-centric health journeys unique to their needs. The combination of our companies unlocks this opportunity by uniting AI-powered analytics together with advanced digital engagement capabilities to create meaningful touchpoints throughout the consumer journey.

“I’m really excited by the capabilities, products, and solutions our combined organizations will bring to healthcare organizations looking to deliver consumer-centric experiences. Together, we bring a breadth of digital solutions spanning self-service health management, conversational engagement, and consumer activation, and combine them with AI-powered analytics to power more insights and the optimization of outcomes,” says Bob Farrell CEO of mPulse.

Not only is the combination of our digital engagement capabilities unmatched in the industry, we are also bringing together some of the brightest minds in healthcare technology to accelerate innovation that creates better consumer experiences and health outcomes across diverse populations. We will deliver this value across the healthcare ecosystem through our partnerships with over 300 healthcare organizations, including 18 of the top 20 largest health plans in the country.

“We are excited to join forces with mPulse and Decision Point to combine our strengths to create a more connected and engaging healthcare ecosystem,” said Dominic Wallen, CEO of HealthTrio. “The digital health solutions that we provide to empower consumers, providers, and health plans will get exponentially better through this combination of industry-leading technologies. It also creates new opportunities for our customers, partners, and employees.”

There is a wealth of data generated as consumers interact with the healthcare ecosystem; from clinical, administrative, and proprietary consumer data – to data and insights captured through digital interactions and automated conversations. Healthcare organizations that translate these fragmented datasets into powerful insights about consumers—their health beliefs, preferences, propensity to complete health actions, satisfaction levels, and much more—will be at an advantage. The organizations that then transform those insights into tailored consumer-centric experiences aligned to core business objectives will outperform the market. The unique capabilities of mPulse, HealthTrio, and Decision Point enable our customer partners to achieve this goal with a single vendor relationship that powers a comprehensive consumer health journey.

“The combination of Decision Point with mPulse and HealthTrio will unlock quality and cost opportunities for our clients and partners,” said Saeed Aminzadeh, CEO of Decision Point. “Our AI-powered analytics platform in combination with the rich consumer data held across HealthTrio and mPulse’s digital solutions will accelerate the development and delivery of innovative programs that healthcare organizations can offer to their populations.”

We are excited to share this update with our customers and the healthcare industry more broadly. Follow our blog to learn more and stay up to date as we revolutionize the consumer health journey and look out for some exciting webinars over the coming months. In case you missed it, check out the full press release here.

Robert FarrellRobert Farrell
CEO, mPulse
Dominic WallenDominic Wallen,
CEO, HealthTrio
Saeed Aminzadeh Saeed Aminzadeh
CEO, Decision Point
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